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    Forum Rules

    Post by Effect on Thu Oct 04, 2012 6:21 pm

    I know it must not seem important compared to some of the other things involved with running a server, but the little things really do add up and make a big difference.
    If you want a platform to start with:

    Please adhere to these rules at all times, if there seems to be a disregard for these rules your punishment will be severe.

    1. No excessive profanity.
    2. No advertising.
    3. No disrespecting other members or staff.
    4. No useless threads/posts to boost post count.
    5. No trading cram scape items/gp/accounts for real money or real rs items/gp/accounts.

    Just a few base rules, just add or remove what you want. Maybe even give some incentive to more active forum members, rewards for helpful content or high post counters that are not reached by useless posts but constructive ones.

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