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    just a suggestion


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    just a suggestion Empty just a suggestion

    Post by benjt on Mon Dec 17, 2012 8:38 am

    Personaly i wouldnt have started this server if it wasnt for my friend who told me to try it. But i got to say its a good server and i like to play it.
    So it would mayby be a good idea to make a new youtube video? becouse the one that is there, is getting "old" or unupdated. Witch means people wont try it or just think its like all the other 317 servers.

    Cram`s server is so much more then the other 317`s servers. with the max stat lvl 120 makes it special, and the skill dung, is a great way to make it, cuz its hard to make the RS dung, and if he did make the RS dung, it would probably make the server lagg alot more.

    A wiki aint important yet since the number of people that plays it aint very much to brag about at the moment.

    The server isnt the problem, I think its the advertise for it that is the big problem that makes people pick other servers.

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